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Light ON Finance - Amy Sheesley - Inspiring Wisdom & Wealth
Wisdom is knowing what to do next,
Skill is knowing how to do it,
And virtue is doing it.”

~David Star Jordan


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Light ON Finance, Inc.
Professional Financial Managers

Light ON Finance, Inc. provides comprehensive professional financial services for you as an individual, a family or a business. Light ON offers a unique program to help build a secure financial structure. Guiding our clients through a measurable and time tested process to focus their innate intelligence on their finances; we successfully assist people in their efforts to create secure financial futures.

The Light ON Finance team is committed to providing leadership, partnership and expertise in the area of wealth building and wealth protection. Our process includes tools and strategies that helps allow dollars to work harder, lower taxes, increase protection and improve risk management. With our assistance you may be able to:

  • Use verifiable, scientific approach in making your money decisions.
  • Discover financial strategies you can use to increase your potential for significant wealth.
  • Increase wealth and money supply

Above all, we want you to have peace of mind and to know that you are doing the best job possible with your money.


Call to schedule a financial evaluation and review now at
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Securities offered through
The O.N. Equity Sales Company
One Financial Way
Cincinnati , OH 45242

Investment  Advisory  services  offered  through O.N. Investment Management Company.

Light ON Finance is licensed to do business in the following states: LIFE - Arizona , California , Maryland , Virginia , Washington DC and Wyoming SECURITIES – Washington DC , Kansas , Maryland , Massachusetts , Minnesota , Tennessee and Virginia

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